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Connect Psychology Practice

Leigh Wallas is an experienced, empathetic and effective psychologist based in the eastern suburbs of Sydney, Australia. Leigh is approachable and warm and draws from her life experience, as well as her clinical expertise, to help you navigate through difficulties you may be facing - now and from the past. 

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About Leigh Wallas, Principal Psychologist

Leigh is registered psychologist with the Australian Health Practitioner Agency and a full member of EMDR Association of Australia.

She is also a qualified yoga instructor and regular practitioner. This means that she can harness her knowledge of the body-mind connection to deepen and enhance your therapy. 

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Therapy and Support Services

Adult Therapy

One-on-one, tailored therapy for adults seeking support for a number of concerns, including: experience of trauma; life transitions; low mood / depression, anxiety; and grief.

EMDR & Trauma Therapy

Trauma-informed therapy, including Eye Movement Desensitisation & Reprocessing Therapy (EMDR).


Options for tailored corporate support programs including Mindfulness, Yoga, and Psychological support for businesses of any size.


Individual or group yoga programs for movement-based therapy that is psychologically informed. Additional, specific support through trauma-informed yoga.

The CONNECT Approach

Connect Psychology Practice prioritises the establishment of a safe relationship between you and your psychologist. We value kindness, compassion, holistic and integrated support - working from the question of 'what happened to you?' as opposed to 'what is wrong with you?'

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